Swamped Chapter 149 Page 14

“We’re trying to figure out where he keeps his darkwood,” she replies. “We know he’s got some.”

“We don’t know for sure it’s in here, though,” Bert protests.

“Well, we know Emil Drake is cracking down on the darkwood trade. And he’ll have an easier time searching Redlake’s home than his brewery,” Mina says. “And this is where he spends most of his time at the brewery, and he rarely lets other people in. So it’s by far the most likely place.”

You could ask how they know any of this, or what Redlake’s using the darkwood for, but several thoughts are running through your mind.

Emil Drake’s home is at the old site of Redlake’s brewery. Drake is cracking down on darkwood. Redlake has some kind of hidden stash of it, for whatever purpose.

What if Redlake never got a chance to move the darkwood, and it’s buried under Drake’s house or something? And what if Drake is using his knowledge of it as leverage to get Redlake’s cooperation?

It’s a wild scenario. And, for that matter, wouldn’t make sense if they had recent information, unless he was using it with Drake’s blessing. Which, you suppose, isn’t necessarily a contradiction with going after other suppliers.

But it’s just speculation, and you don’t know how helpful it would be to share.

Except… You think you just spotted something that makes the idea look a lot more plausible.

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