Swamped Chapter 149 Page 13

Well. There’s two intruders doing something, and apparently trusting you enough to tell you they needed a diversion. Might as well figure out what exactly they’re doing.

Thing is, you can’t see why they’d want you to distract Redlake when there’s plenty of other people on the site. Sure, the supervisors don’t seem to be looking for intruders – nobody bothered you on your way here, even if you weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms – but you also haven’t really done anything besides knocking on a door. Anyone actually acting suspicious would probably be kicked out.

So they’re either in a place that it’s unlikely anyone but Redlake would go, or they’re doing something he’d find suspicious but nobody else would. That’s your best guess, anyways. You don’t see them anywhere out here, so the idea that they’re in a restricted area seems a bit plausible.

For just a moment, you wonder if they were in the shed with him, when suddenly the door opens.

“Didn’t think you’d get him to leave!” the woman from earlier exclaims. “That’ll make the search a lot easier. I do have real money for you…”

“Not taking it,” you grumble. “What in the hells was that all about?”

“Hold on, come in here. You can help Bert move things around. Plus, we’re less likely to be listened in on.”

She pulls you in and shuts the door, and you see ‘Bert’ glancing at a shelf in the corner. He looks about as thrilled as you do, though.

“Mina, I don’t see why he’d even keep it here in the first place,” he grumbles.

“Keep what?” you ask.

“Well, I doubt he carried it out with him. Not for a meeting with Drake, surely,” ‘Mina’ replies. “Besides, I already checked most of the stuff he brought out.”

“What in the hells is going on?” you ask. “How did you two even get in here?”

“Oh, he let us in,” Mina says nonchalantly. “Now, mind, he may have thought we were some other people he was expecting, but that’s how we got in.”

You feel very lost, and you have a lot of questions. You think it might be best to just focus on one for now.

“Fine, whatever. What exactly are you looking for?”

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  1. It’s a cache of dark wood that absorbs aether. He used to use it in casks to age certain concoctions for powerful folk.

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