Swamped Chapter 149 Page 11

There’s a chance he has something to do with the sabotage. Hells, for all you know that’s why Drake wanted to talk to him – not like he had much trust in you.

Start with some simple questions, then. Small talk. But keep the wording a little vague and see what conclusions he jumps to.

“So, everything going well with the drinks?” you ask.

“Drinks? Ah, the ceremonial wine,” he says after a moment. “To be honest, I was worried something would go wrong – we had to start before moving to the new site. There’s a lot of disruptions to deal with when you’re moving a business as big as this one.”

Oddly, he seems much more comfortable all of a sudden. Though his initial confusion was a bit weird.

“And there have certainly been problems lately. Actually, they’ve been happening to other brewers as well – late deliveries, thefts, a couple of fires, and I even heard there was a brazen attack on a brew worker today, for no apparent reason. But, somehow we’ve managed to stay on track with the big job.” He smiles. “I suppose Nual is blessing us for supplying his festival.”

This is such a sudden change. He’s almost a different person.

“You sounded like you were expecting a delivery a moment ago, though,” you note.

“Ah, well. It’s something I’ll need for tomorrow. Nothing to do with the wine, though!”

He seems to be packing something up.

“I’ll have to make this quick, though. Wouldn’t do to miss the delivery. I’m sure Emil will understand.” Now he’s nervous again.

Well… the impression you got from what Vernon said was that he wasn’t involved in the outright illegal stuff. So maybe it’s as simple as, if you talk about legitimate business, he’s fine. Talk about potentially legally questionable matters, and he gets worried. He’s tried to stay on one side of the line but he knows he’s dealing with people who are willing to cross it.

That’s your guess right now, anyway. Could be there’s more, though. You think a good way to figure that out is to check your hunch that there might be someone else in this shed. But Redlake’s standing right in the door, so you can’t see much behind him.

One thing catches your eye, though.

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