Swamped Chapter 149 Page 10

Well. The obvious thing to try is knocking on the door. Then, if someone answers, you can try the tune again and hopefully it’ll be Redlake. At worst, you’ll just get asked to leave. Maybe a little forcefully, but as long as he hears about the tune, that should get his attention directed your way sooner or later.

Anyways, no sense worrying about that until it happens. You knock on the door.

After a couple of minutes with no response, you’re about to give up, but then you see the door start to open. You promptly begin humming.

The man behind the door looks intrigued, but also a little confused.

“Are you trying to make a delivery tonight?” he asks.

“Are you Mister Redlake?” you ask. “I’ve got a message for him. It’s important.”

The man wordlessly holds up a bottle. A sketch of his face is on the label.

“A message,” he says, after you take it in. “Not a delivery? That’s a problem.”

“Yeah, well, a lot of people are having problems tonight,” you reply. “Like Emil Drake.”

Redlake’s expression suddenly becomes very clear. He’s terrified.

“He wants to meet with you,” you continue.

“Now, of all times?” He frowns. “I’m sorry. I can’t take your word at face value, even if you know the tune.”

You reach behind your back and show him the crutch. He looks even more worried.

“Hells. That’s his. And if you’d tried to steal it, well, you’d probably need it yourself.” He sighs. “Nothing for it, I suppose. Where is he?”

“At his home,” you say. Though you’re beginning to wonder how trustworthy this guy is. It sounds like he was expecting something, and from his reaction to Drake’s name… well, you wonder if it’s something he didn’t want Drake finding out about.

Maybe you can squeeze a little more info about it out of him before he leaves.

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  1. Could this guy be involved in the sabotage conspiracy? He’s in the Lady’s confidence… Maybe ask a question about how the preparations are going with the beverages and see how he reacts. No broken glasswear or tainted water? While he frets over that, see if you can see anybody else in there.

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