Swamped Chapter 149 Page 7

Seashells. Tiny seashells.

You aren’t about to count to see if there are actually two hundred of them. But even for such strange people as those two, it’s an odd thing to be carrying around.

On the other hand, it makes even less sense to carry them around if you’re working with the group that aims to destroy Nual. These are pretty ordinary seashells, so they’ve probably got some connection to him. At least as much as a group of bugs does to Qlat, anyways, and you’ve seen what he can do with those…

You suddenly get a real foolish idea that’s probably a waste of time. You hold the bag upside-down and drop the seashells on the ground.

And much to your annoyance, your fool idea works. The seashells, against all probability, land in a way that looks like letters. Not just slightly, by way too much to be coincidence.

You stifle a sigh – however much it frustrates you, there’s no sense offending a god over something this small. So you just look at the message while thinking about how much you don’t want to pick these shells up afterwards.

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