Swamped Chapter 149 Page 6

The woman just looks at you for a bit before speaking up.

“You want a hard number, then? Two hundred.”

She pulls out a bag that sure looks like it could have two hundred coins in it, but almost certainly doesn’t.

You don’t have a need for money, seeing as you’re lost in time and not planning to spend much. But you do have a need for info. And knowing what she’s trying to bait you into doing could help with that.

“I’m sure there’s plenty of stage tricks for making a bag look like it’s got money in it when it doesn’t,” you say pointedly. “You’d do better if you quit playing games and told me what you wanted, and maybe I’d accept if it’s not out of my way. But it probably is.”

“Oh, it’s actually quite simple,” she says. “You’re going to have a chat with Martin, aren’t you?”

You feel weird for a moment, until you remember that’s Redlake’s name. Didn’t register until you heard it on its own. Your old name, the one Ash was trying to get under your skin with a few hours ago. From your perspective, at least. Funny how it bothers you more now than it did when Ash was trying to needle you.

“We’re not on a first-name basis,” you reply. You have no idea what sort of signals you might have sent there. “But I was asked to pass a message on to him.”

“Good. Then you can keep him busy while Bert and I scour the grounds.” And with that, she shoves the “money” into your hands, and runs off without another word.

You feel like you’ve just been played somehow, but you don’t understand to what end it happened. It doesn’t help matters when you open the bag and see what she actually gave you.

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