Swamped Chapter 149 Page 3

Well, if you’ve got the attention, might as well transfer it somewhere useful. Namely, to this unconscious person.

You step up to them and try to remember what Doc told you about checking for a pulse. Feels like ages ago, even though it hasn’t technically happened yet.

Of course, the weird effect that makes you remember things real well kicks in, so you wind up recalling every word. Which is enough to convince you that they’re not in immediate danger.

Still, odds are nobody else here knows better than you.

“Not sure they’re going to be okay,” you tell everyone. “Best to get them inside and on a proper bed, fast. With plenty of water.”

“And ice,” the Redbelly woman interjects. “Somebody put a brand on the poor man’s face. Bet that hurts like the hells.”

“A brand?” asks the old sailor. “What sort of brand?”

“The sort that burns, so get him inside already!” the woman shouts.

It does strike you as a weird question to ask, even if you’re wondering it yourself now. But on the plus side, the commotion draws the attention of the recovery house staff. A couple of them step out, and take the man in.

The downside is that the sailors don’t seem particularly inclined to let you or the Redbelly pair away without some more questions. They’ve very pointedly started surrounding you.

On the upside, the main one questioning you is the older man. He’s not exactly friendly, but he seems a bit more reasonable than some of his fellows. Maybe they’re itching for a good drink.

“So how did a couple of actors stumble on a wounded man with a brand on his face?” he asks.

Well, that’s really a question for the other two. So you figure it’s best if you leave it to them, while you try to think of a way to get out of here.

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  1. Your thoughts of escape vanish as you can’t help but be enthralled by the tale they tell of a battle with a wizard using strange magic to control priests. Of course, now the sailors don’t want the strange man anywhere near them, at least not while he has that brand. Amid the ensuing deliberation and argumentation among the sailors, you can slip out toward the brewery.

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