Swamped Chapter 149 Page 2

“Would be a lot easier if they were,” she replies. “Then we’d know who to ask for details. Don’t suppose you’ve seen a proper one?”

“What?” the sailor asks, confused.

“We had to go by secondary sources. You haven’t seen one yourself, have you? There’s some details I’d love to touch up…”

“Sorry, she missed an important point,” the uniformed man says. “We’re actors. Going to be using these in a show soon. But she’s real big about being as accurate as possible.”

You see a lot of faces that suggest they’re not buying his explanation. You can’t help but feel a little sympathy, after all the times you’ve had to explain your own uniform.

“Anyways,” he continues, “we’ve got someone here who needs taking care of.”

Wow. With how tense the atmosphere was, you’d completely forgotten they were carrying something.

“So take ’em to the hospital,” one of the sailors sneers.

“The hospital’s got their hands full,” you interject. “I should know, I’ve been helping out there.”

Everyone gives you a baffled look as you step in. Well, you’ve gotten these two out of trouble, at least, but you might have just gotten yourself into it.

“What’s that uniform, now?” the old sailor asks. “You an actor, too?”

“Yeah. I was wearing this for a performance, and I haven’t really had a chance to take it off,” you reply.

You feel like maybe this wasn’t the best idea, but it’s too late for second thoughts. So you’d best figure out how to make the most out of having all the attention on you.

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  1. Step right up to the injured figure and check their pulse, get the attention back on the person in apparent need

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