Swamped Chapter 148 Page 16

“Well, we’re meeting somebody near a recovery house,” you say. You doubt you sound all that convincing, at least to another actor, but you don’t care that much as long as she doesn’t pry. “I think it’s called Fresh Start or something like that? Haven’t actually been there.”

You only know it because when you arrived here, your contact told you they’d spent some time there. It seems like a safe enough bet.

“Huh. A recovery house actually sounds like a good place to bring him,” Arlene muses. “They deal with plenty of difficult sorts, after all. Why don’t you just leave him there?”

“At this hour?” you ask skeptically. You also don’t know exactly where it is, but you don’t want to blow your cover story even if it’s not going to work all that well.

“They’ve got people on duty at all hours. If nothing else, they’ll have a better idea where to take him than I will.”

You feel like you outsmarted yourself a little with this one, since you don’t know exactly where it is.

“Suppose that’s fair… Bert, do you remember the way?”

“I thought you were taking down the directions,” Bert says, without missing a beat. Always reliable at picking up on what you’re doing. “I just remember it’s in the northwest part of town somewhere.”

“Afraid I haven’t heard of that one, but I do know another one,” Arlene says. “Oh, and you still have the rest of my costume, right?”

You dig through your pack and take out the costume, and some notepaper. As she puts the costume on, Arlene gives you directions to a different recovery house and you write them down. Even though you don’t actually need them – they turn out to lead very close to your intended destination.

You half-wonder if she’s figured it out somehow. Not that she’d tell you if she had.

You thank her for your help, and start walking off with Bert, wizard in tow.


You’re now Corvus. You’ve almost made it to Redlake’s, but there’s some sort of commotion nearby. At a glance, you don’t think it involves any Guild types, but you decide it’s best to take a quick look at it just in case it causes trouble for you later.


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