Swamped Chapter 148 Page 15

“Step one, figure out what to do with this guy,” you reply. “Step two… Bert, you and I still have some unfinished business. Don’t know about Arlene here.”

“I’m expecting someone to show up sooner or later,” Arlene says. “So let’s focus on our wizard for now. If the brand really is some kind of control spell or whatever, we can’t just leave it on him.”

“Can you even remove a brand? I thought the whole point of them was to mark cattle as yours,” says Bert. “If it’s possible, it sure can’t be easy.”

“The more pressing question is where we take him,” you interject. “We’ve all got things to do, but he’s got to be watched carefully. And the town guard’s probably not going to be equipped to handle a wizard, if they’ve even got the spare personnel to watch the jail.”

“Well, where are you two headed? Maybe I can think of a place that’s on the way,” Arlene says.

Hmm. You like her, and you don’t think she’d willfully hurt you. But you can’t quite bring yourself to share the full details of what you two are doing. And revealing the location would probably give away more than you’d like.

Too bad you don’t know this town too well, or you’d name a plausible spot nearby. Since you don’t, though, you’ll just have to tell her one of the places you do know, and work from there.

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