Swamped Chapter 148 Page 12

It’s too dark for you to see where you’re headed very well, but you can make out some shapes. Looks like two people carrying something… about the size of a human, you’d say.

Hang on, one of those people is about Bert’s height, and looks to be wearing an overcoat, just like he was when you last saw him. Is the other one – well, the other conscious one – Arlene?

You’re a bit confused as to where they’re going. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to head for the priests so you could meet up? And do they really have someone unconscious with them? If it’s someone who needs care, the priests could probably handle that, or at least help with getting them to a clinic…

All you know is, by the time you get to the alley where they’re standing, you don’t see the priest any more. Although at this distance, you do recognize them.

“Hey!” Arlene calls out to you, though trying to keep her voice down. “I didn’t say you could wear that!”

That’s definitely her, then.

You walk on over and take off the mask, handing it to her.

“Had a run-in with some trouble. Didn’t want them seeing my face. What happened with you?”

“We found a wizard,” Bert groans. “I wanted to take him to see the priests, in case any of them recognized him, but Arlene pointed out if he woke up, he might be able to control them.”

Ah. That’s why you lost track of the priest, then.

“So what exactly are you doing? Are we just leaving the priests undefended?”

“Nah, a bunch of them are Nual priests,” Arlene replies. “They know how to take care of themselves. I figure the main problem for them is this guy, so as long as we keep him out of trouble, they should be fine.”

You look at the unconscious man.

“Looks pretty young for a wizard,” you observe.

“Don’t suppose you recognize him?” Bert asks. “Arlene doesn’t think he’s local, but that’s all we’ve got so far.”

Well, you don’t recognize him, per se. But there is one detail about him you find strikingly familiar.

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