Swamped Chapter 148 Page 11

The idea strikes you the moment you spot the door opening.

“No! Don’t! You’ll let them out!” you shout, as loud as you can.

The door slams shut. Seems they’re worried about their prize getting loose, worried enough that they’ll take a sketchy warning seriously.

Just what is in that barrel, and for that matter, in the bottle you’re carrying? You don’t know, but you breathe a sigh of relief as you reach the window.

The door bursts open just as you pull yourself out. You drop the poles to the ground for good measure.

“Don’t see anything,” a voice calls out. “You were right, boss, it was a bluff.”

“Where’s the thief?” says the leader’s voice.

“Don’t know, but I think I spotted the goods. They’re, um. Why’s there a bookshelf hanging over a vat?”

You might learn more if you stick around, but your priority is getting out of here. The window opens onto a thin ledge, so you still have to move carefully. First order of business is to find a way down.

There’s a drain pipe, but it’s pretty far away. And it’ll take you closer to the front doors, which means a better chance of the gang spotting you. So you take a look in the other direction, just to see if you’ve got any alternatives.

Well, there’s a tree. It’s not a particularly tall tree, but it’s a good deal closer to you than the ground is. It’ll have to do. You carefully walk on the ledge until you get close.

Hmm. That gap between the brewery wall and the tree feels a lot bigger now that you’re right up against it. Maybe it would’ve been better to take your chances with the pipe…

Suddenly, a hook with a rope attached comes flying out of the tree. The hook lands right on your ledge. Somebody’s in there, and apparently they’re inviting you to join them.

Well. It’s probably just one person. You can probably get away if you need to. Might as well see what’s going on with them before you figure out your next move.

Much to your surprise, as you clamber down the rope, you see that weird priest who was with Arlene. He just smiles at you, and motions to climb down.

You briefly consider asking him what he’s doing in the tree with a grappling rope, but you get the distinct impression you wouldn’t get a clear answer. So, you just head down.

You start heading back to the warehouse, but the priest tugs on your shoulder. Seems he wants you going in a different direction.

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