Swamped Chapter 148 Page 9

There’s a big round spiky thing. You think you’ve heard of these – sea terrors, they’re called. But strange little bugs are crawling around on its surface.

Or at least, you thought they were bugs at first glance. They actually seem to be made of metal. Whatever they are, they’re scurrying around very fast and you can barely catch an actual glimpse of them.

Well. They’re still small enough to fit in the neck of the bottle. You get a few out with the scoop and shove them in. It’s pretty awkward, but it works. They run around on the inside. You quickly grab a cork and shove it in – whatever they are, you definitely don’t want any escaping.

Maybe you can get somebody to have a look at these things later, although you’re not sure who’d know a damn thing about them. You then close up the barrel. Didn’t drop that much weight, but it’s enough to make the toss if you’re careful.

You might not have time to be careful, but you do your best anyways. The barrel lands right on top of the bookshelf. You grab the bottle and run…

Except, the only exit you know about is the door you blocked up. So running isn’t going to do you much good, not until you figure out how you’re getting out of here.

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  1. There are high windows that look like they can be opened for ventilation using long poles. If you could climb one of the poles you could leap out!

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