Swamped Chapter 148 Page 6

The sign says “Blackmarsh Brewery.”

Now, look, you’ve known plenty of people whose last names came from natural features with a color added. But two of them both operating breweries in the same town? Doesn’t seem very likely.

In fact, it’s so unlikely that it’s probably not even a secret. Just some kind of marketing gimmick or something. In which case, if you’re real lucky, they might have brought over Redlake barrels for some reason or other. Decent enough chance to be worth a look. If not… well, you’ll figure that out later.

But you don’t find any Redlake barrels. You don’t find any barrels at all. The place looks not just closed, but practically abandoned – except the building’s in too good a shape for that.

Well, isn’t there a festival coming up? Maybe they took all the inventory to the other brewery to prepare for it. Doesn’t do you a whole lot of good, though.

However, one thing you find interesting is that the door isn’t locked. You slip in and quickly shut it, then shove some chairs in front of it. Should slow down your pursuers, or at the very least give you warning when they come in.

You still don’t see any barrels. Lots of equipment set up, though. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to brew with, or into for that matter.

But you soon notice something out of place.

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