Swamped Chapter 148 Page 4

If there’s one thing you’ve learned from the theater, it’s that you can draw people’s attention elsewhere by making a loud noise.

Now, you’re no voice thrower. But a rock is good enough, if it makes enough of a sound. And you see a nice pile of boxes filled with scrap metal, which should make a nice racket if you hit ’em hard.

So you fling the rock, hard. It knocks over a couple of boxes, which is real good – definitely makes it look more like something passed through there. And it draws everyone’s attention.

“What was that?” someone asks.

“Whatever it was, it’ll be no problem once we’re inside,” the leader says angrily. “Keep moving!”

Well. It kept them from spotting you, at least. You’ve moved close enough to the one with the barrel to make a move.

And you want them away from the warehouse, so. Back to the original plan.

You kick the underling in the arm, grab the barrel as they recoil, and shriek loudly before running off. This way, they know you’ve got the barrel, and if you’ve guessed right about its contents…

“They’ve got the arsenic! Seize them, quickly!”

Yeah. Now they’re after you.

So as far as distractions go, it worked. Now you’ve got to lose them, and more importantly, keep them occupied for a while afterwards. Simplest option you can think of is to put the barrel somewhere so they know where it is, but can’t get at it easily.

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  1. Somewhere where it could float away in one direction while you run in the other? Good thing you know where the sewer access is

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