Swamped Chapter 148 Page 3

“The arsenic’s the only leverage we’ve got on them, so don’t lose sight of it,” the leader snarls. “If this goes south and we don’t have that, then we’re just stuck with the blame.”

You don’t have time to wonder what the arsenic’s for. All that matters for the moment is that it’s their leader’s priority. You can see that one of the underlings is carrying a small barrel – that’s probably it.

Which means all you have to do is get that arsenic away from them, and into a place where they won’t find it. Preferably without being spotted.

Or at least, without being recognized. You’re sure Arlene will be understanding about using her mask for a good cause. You put it on and ready yourself to strike the arsenic-carrier.

Of course, as fun as it would be to jump at them, grab the barrel, and run, you think it would be better to have a more detailed plan before going any further.

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  1. There’s the classic distraction of throwing something to make a sound from the opposite direction of your approach. But then, yeah, grab that barrel while shrieking like a banshee!

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