Swamped Chapter 148 Page 2

You get a bit closer to see the group better. Maybe you can figure out something useful.

What immediately strikes you is that one of them is ordering the others around. And that makes your next course of action fairly obvious.

Groups like the Guild don’t like most of their members developing initiative. They prefer to have a small number of people who tell the rest what to do. Which is to say, knock out a low-level leader and there’s probably no clear sense of who can replace them.

That’s what novices at picking fights with the Guild quickly learn. But you’ve been at this a while. You know that what’s even more effective is getting the leaders onto wild mallow chases, because they’ll bring the whole group with them and won’t take no for an answer.

Not a lot of time to make a good distraction, though. You don’t know what they’re after. Normally, when you don’t know that, you just have Bert get spotted and make a run for it. Usually works pretty well, he’s a good runner.

But he’s not here. You could be the distraction yourself, but that would make it pretty hard to get into the warehouse. And meeting back up with Bert would get more complicated, too.

So you think you need some other sort of distraction. You get a little closer so you can hear what they’re saying clearly; maybe that will give you an idea what might get them moving.

You soon overhear the leader mention something that seems perfect.

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