Swamped Chapter 147 Page 15

You glance at Badger, and then your mind jumps to your conversation with him earlier. Where he suggested someone was growing mana root.

Mana root supposedly stores ether in it. You’re dealing with a strange force made out of ether. Perhaps you could make a trap with it.

“Are you aware of mana root?” you ask the apprentice suddenly.

“Heard about it,” she says, and since she’s a terrible bluffer you can tell she knows more than that. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

You hand her the strange seashell-clock.

“Find a large mass of it and put that in there. I think that might give me time to help out.”

She stares at the clock, then runs off without another word. You’re not worried, though – if she meant to simply run off with the device, you would have seen it in her face.

But all you saw was the shock of recognition. That, and a sense of resolve. As though she suddenly grasped what was at stake.

You think the others saw it too. They seem a little baffled. Well, there’s a lot to be baffled by right now, so you can hardly blame them.

“All right, let’s go and see this wizard of yours,” you tell them.

You’re now Mina.

You rang an alarm, on that Arlene woman’s suggestion. That drew some unwanted attention, but you didn’t have much trouble getting away from it.

Unfortunately, you ended up running right into another problem.

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