Swamped Chapter 147 Page 12

“And just who does this Mr. John Long represent?” you ask.

Even if you didn’t have future knowledge, you’d know he was somebody’s “agent”. Which leaves you to wonder how this woman got involved – you have a vague sense you don’t find that out, or at least not until much later.

“Does it matter?” she asks. “He just heard there’s a wizard going around using his name. Got curious. Is that you?”

“Does that matter?” you snap back. “It’s not that unusual for people to share a name. Why should it make any difference if we do?”

Because, of course, the other John Long’s name is a signal. And naturally, he’s wondering if you’re trying to make contact in place of him – especially if he’s aware the message was intercepted. What you can’t figure out is where this young woman fits into things. You have a faint memory – from the future, of course – that she’s his “apprentice”, but the other details aren’t really coming together. The only thing you can tell is that you learned – or are going to learn, rather – something beyond that.

But that’s probably not happening right now. Right now, you’re waiting for her to answer so you don’t get a headache from remembering her answer before she even gives it.

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  1. If it’s a harmless coincidence then so be it. But for everyone’s safety, including your own, I need to verify that it really *is* just a coincidence. Mister Long has been cautiously interested in magic as long as I’ve known him. Your pretending to be a wizard using his name could be an attempt to draw him out in the open.

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