Swamped Chapter 147 Page 11

The binding is purple. It’s the same shade as the wood on the crest… which, come to think of it, haven’t you been carrying it around all night? So much has happened that you’ve lost track.

You quickly check your pocket to confirm it’s still there. It is… but there’s something odd about it. Something that’s bothering your ether sense, but you can’t actually detect whatever it is.

Perhaps it’s reacting to the book?

“Friend of yours?” Minnie suddenly asks, breaking your train of thought. Oh, right, the lizard!

“We’re acquainted. He might be trying to tell me something, or he might just be hungry. Either way, we can deal with it once we’re outside.”

You open the door – and much to your surprise, the woman in black you’re supposed to chase down is just waiting there. You would think remembering the future would make you more prepared for it, but somehow it just seems to complicate things.

“You the wizard?” she asks.

“I’m a wizard,” you reply carefully. “Who are you?”

“I’m here on behalf of… Mr. John Long,” she replies.

Well, that’s clearly not his real name, but it’s also the name you’re using. Regardless, now’s the time to ask some questions you already know the answers to.

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