Swamped Chapter 147 Page 10

The book opens with a list of places, nearly every one of which you remember seeing a Dreamers book about. Almost makes you wonder if it’s some sort of anthology… but then again, some of the ones you remember might not have been written yet.

Perhaps the publisher has a copy of this book and used it as a resource when commissioning places to write about? Well, that or it’s just coincidence. You wouldn’t mind if this turns out to be a good romance, though…

Your train of thought is interrupted by a pebble striking your forehead. You glance around, and then another one hits you.

That one clearly came from up above, so you look up and spot a familiar lizard climbing on the ceiling.

“You should probably get down from there,” you say to the lizard, being mindful of your voice. Wouldn’t want the staff to hear you talking and drag you back to bed.

“Down!” Mortimer says excitedly, jumping off. You aren’t prepared to catch him and nearly drop your book, but Minnie manages to. And then you spot a book hanging off her belt as you recover yourself.

The title is Dreamers of Alexandra: Secret Passion in the Jungle, which clearly doesn’t fit the pattern of a Dreamers book at all. You can also tell it’s got an ether signature – and an even more complicated one than the book you’ve been looking at.

That makes you think something’s going on. That perhaps there’s some connection between the two books.

But there’s one other thing about it which catches your attention.

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