Swamped Chapter 147 Page 9

You aren’t quite sure what to make of it.

“This is a more complicated spell than I’ve ever seen in a book before,” you tell them. “I can’t immediately tell what it does. I can make guesses based on some of the components that are less, entangled, but they could very well be wrong. I suspect that there was a deliberate effort to obfuscate the spell.”

“Which doesn’t tell us why someone stole it,” Minnie grumbles.

“Oh, that’s simple. They either stole it to use the spell, or to keep someone else from using it,” you reply. “Those are the most likely reasons, anyhow. I suspect there will be hints in the text, so I’ll have a glance at that.”

You notice that you’re in the front hallway now. Minnie’s kept you moving this whole time. You didn’t even realize you were going anywhere – examining the ether must have taken more concentration than you thought. As you head for the door, you decide to clarify on the details you do have.

“I can tell there are traces of levitation here, and manipulation of physical objects. There’s also something that seems to be transmutation, but I can’t tell how it fits in with the other spells,” you explain. “Everything else is too difficult to make out in any detail.”

“So, hang on,” Minnie says. “Someone could make something float, and also move around. Maybe a corpse, to convince people they’d seen a ghost.”

“And a touch of transmutation could make that more convincing,” you agree. “Change parts of the ghost into something that glows. Nobody’s likely to look close enough to see what it really is. It’s a possibility, I suppose.”

Not one you find particularly likely, though. While you can see uses for such a spell, it’s not the sort you’d need to store in a book. So you start reading it for more of an idea.

And something strikes you immediately as you do.

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  1. Is it one of those romance novels?

    What actually strikes you is a small pebble. Mortimer, you little scamp, come on down from there!

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