Swamped Chapter 147 Page 8

You’re the wizard now. And you’re still tired and dizzy, so much that the staff will surely demand you stay here if they notice you.

But unfortunately, you can’t afford to do that. So you’re carefully avoiding them, staying out of their sight. If you’d woken up a little earlier, maybe you could have questioned that woman – but she’s gone, so you’re just going to have to catch up to her.

It feels more than a little silly that you have to do this to find out things that you already remember her saying, but you’d rather not learn what happens if you fail to. Besides, it’s less of a strain to remember things after they’ve happened instead of before.

You don’t get very far before Minnie Laikenne grabs your arm.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“I’m sneaking out,” you reply.

“You’re in no shape to sneak out,” she shoots back. “How about I take care of whatever it is you’re aiming to do out there, and you tell me what you can about this book?”

She holds it up in your face. You can see that it’s got a spell in it, but you’ve got too much of a headache to work out more than that at a glance.

“Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that,” you sigh. “I need to do this myself, and I can’t really explain why.”

“Is this something to do with the weird ether all around you?” she asks.

Well, she noticed, but she also doesn’t recognize it as time magic.

“More or less, yes. Tell you what, help me get out of here and we can compare notes.” At least, the notes it’s not a problem of some kind to tell her about.

“I’m not sure if they’ll let us leave, so I think we should help him while we’re at it,” someone interjects. It takes you a moment to sort through the mess of past and future memories to recall that it’s the man you met outside before, the one who called himself Badger.

“I suppose we’ve all got places to go,” Minnie agrees. “But first, tell me what you can about the book.”

You suppose it will be faster to give her an answer than to argue about it, so you examine the ether a little bit more closely.

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  1. It’s… a bit of a jumble of different ethers, with some kind of feedback interplay between them to keep it stable. Could be related to levitation and physical manipulation, but there’s a transmutative element to it. Perhaps a mad wizard’s attempt at translocation?

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