Swamped Chapter 147 Page 7

“There are various references to singing and music,” he says. “What if the idea is to clear out impurities in the wind with sound magic? And the riddle is a clue as to what sort of instrument has to be used for that.”

“I have heard of coral flutes,” Badger interjects. “That does seem possible. But getting back to the book… What do you think should be done with it?”

You get the distinct impression Badger’s keeping something from you. Maybe he has an idea of just what kind of spell is in it.

“Find someone who can use it,” Flame replies.

And before you can get any more info, the nurse comes back and says your time’s up. Naturally.

Well, there’s a wizard here. He didn’t seem all that helpful as far as actually doing magic, but maybe he can get you some info.

And you think you just spotted him.

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