Swamped Chapter 147 Page 6

The other stories had rhymes that seemed out of place, as though they were describing a lesson the story wasn’t really about. Grandmother taught you to sing rhymes, and sometimes she’d playfully rearrange words in sentences so the rhyming words would be at the end.

So, could this be hinting at something that rhymes with ‘itall‘? Or with its translation… well, from what Flame’s saying, that means “something”, more or less. And any synonym could be the rhyme in that case.

No, you don’t think that’s it. If this is a message from Grandmother, the key would be something that only you would realize. So you think back to the specific times she did that sort of playing with word order.

The time that sticks out the most was when she took you to the beach, and you asked her what the funny stuff that had washed up was. She answered you with a rhyme.

Moves never, yet grows, not floral

Sea’s wonder is that of coral

And then it strikes you.

“The sea is formless,” you mutter. “Coral is sort of like its bones. Could be what the riddle’s pointing at.”

“We’re looking for wind, not the sea,” Badger sighs. “I suppose this didn’t lead us anywhere.”

“But the proverb mentions wind,” you note. “So maybe coral’s part of the process?”

Leonard looks thoughtful.

“Ah. You’re already seeking wind, and think this might relate? Well, with what you’ve told us about the missing book, I suppose it’s worth sharing a guess I have after reading the story as a whole.”

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