Swamped Chapter 147 Page 5

“Roughly translated, it’s like a riddle. The bones of that without form. That without form could be the wind, but what I find more interesting is that the words are in a strange order in Theletian.” He turns the paper towards you and points. “And that order might not mean much to you, but take a look at the six words.”

Assel bor linama uv nissem ittal,” you read. “An acrostic. The first letters spell Abluni.”

“And you’re probably wondering if the first letters of the other words spell a message. Sadly, they don’t,” Flame says, pulling it back. “But it does seem a clear indication that this passage is of particular importance. It would make more sense to order it as Bor linama nissem uv ittal assel. Literally, that’s more or less ‘the bone-plural belonging to something formless’, the order they’ve got it in is more like ‘formless the bone-plural to belonging something’.”

“So where’s your version of the translation come in?” you ask.

“It fits with the translations I’ve seen of similar phrases used for riddles. I can’t see why someone would mix up the order just to spell a word that’s in the title, though.”

Maybe you can think of something.

You found this in the first place because your grandmother told you a version of a story that had details borrowed from a different story. So – you make a little guess. Maybe your grandmother translated all of these stories under different pseudonyms. She knew you’d catch the oddities, dig up both stories, and use their pseudonyms as a clue to locate this one.

In which case, this weird arrangement of words was her idea. Why would she do something like that? Whatever the reason, it must be something she’d have taught you enough to figure out.

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  1. Well, it does remind you of some of the lighter hearted moments of your youth, when you and she would make up rhymes and rearrange sentences to fit them. Why, there was one time when you were collecting bits of coral from the beach…

    Say, could coral be the bones of the formless sea?

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