Swamped Chapter 147 Page 3

“Unusual outfit you’ve got there,” you note. “All black. The sort that makes you hard to spot outside at night, or in a dark room.”

“Don’t know what you’re implying. I like the color,” she shoots back.

“Doesn’t explain why you’re looking for a hidden ledger. Those sorts of things seem like they’d mainly be useful for blackmail. And you know, I heard there was a thief in the hospital earlier tonight.”

“Well, it wasn’t me,” she says defiantly. And she seems sincere enough about that point.

“But whatever they were looking for must have some value,” you muse. “Maybe it’s the same thing you’re after.”

She seems really nervous. So she’s definitely here looking for something. Maybe it’s the ledger – you think that’s real, just she doesn’t know much about it beyond that it exists. But it might be something else.

And you do know something weird that was in here. Might as well ask about it and see how she reacts.

“Say, do you know why someone might hide an illegal sausage in here?”

“How in the hells did you know about the sausage?” she asks, completely thrown off. Then she realizes what she’s just said, and runs out the door in a panic.

That’s taken care of her. Though you can’t say you feel entirely comfortable about leaving her alone. It’s not that she seems like a dangerous sort – more of that with all that’s happening tonight, she’s definitely way in over her head. She doesn’t even seem like she can handle thieving.

But you suppose that’s not your problem right now. The nurse has come back.

“All right, you can have three minutes with Mr. Flame,” he says. “But we’re too busy to let you talk to him for longer than that.”

Better start with the most important point when you see him, then.

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