Swamped Chapter 147 Page 1

There’s a young woman dressed all in black, and she won’t leave Badger alone. But you can’t make any sense of what she’s talking about.

“Look, don’t go playing dumb with me. I know you work for the mayor.”

“I have no idea where you got that into your head, and I really don’t have time to disabuse you of the notion,” Badger grumbles. “We need to see someone.”

“And I need to know where you hid the ledger,” the woman says, in an awkward-but-knowing tone of voice.

As best as you can tell, she’s trying to pull a bluff of some kind. She knows something, but not really any details, so she’s trying to squeeze more info out based on what little she does know. Plus some wild guesses.

And normally, she wouldn’t really be your problem. But you barely got the nurse to give you a chance to see Flame. He’s not going to let her tag along while you do, not that you particularly want that either. So you’ve got to figure out some way to get her off Badger’s back.

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