Swamped Chapter 146 Page 10

Maybe somebody’s left their sheets hanging, or something. That would be good enough. You slip out the bushes and look around.

You soon stumble across a trash box with… quite a few big pieces of cloth in it, actually. You pull one out, and it seems oddly-shaped – there’s a couple of loops, which look about the right size to fit your arms into them. It also folds out in a strange way. A quick glance suggests the rest of them are similar, though many are torn and there are definitely differences in the design between them.

Whoever lives here must have been trying to make something specific, and these are discarded attempts. It seems a little odd, but for the moment, you’re satisfied with just getting your disguise and leaving it at that. You drape the cloth over your uniform, and put on the woman’s fancy diving mask.

You probably look ridiculous, but as long as you’re not particularly identifiable, that suits you fine. You walk over, grab the crutch, run back behind the bushes and toss the cloth back in the box.

Now it’s time to pay Martin Redlake a visit, you suppose.

You’re now Minnie. You and Badger are at the hospital to see Leonard Flame. It took a little arguing with a nurse to convince them to let you both in, but he finally relented and let you wait in the hall while he checked to see if it was possible.

Unfortunately, you think what’s just happened is going to delay that meeting.

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