Swamped Chapter 146 Page 8

“I need to talk to a man named Martin Redlake. His brewery used to be here, now it’s four blocks north and three west. They’ll be making ceremonial wine, but he’ll pay attention if you whistle a little tune.”

As Drake whistles the same tune Vernon gave you before, you find yourself feeling like somebody’s playing one big joke on you.

“Don’t you have your own messengers? Why should I play courier for you?”

“I don’t have messengers right here in my home, I don’t have time to go over there myself, and Harbottle’s just admitted to betraying my trust,” Drake replies. “And I’m not about to tell you who my own people are. Redlake’s name is safe enough because he’s not deeply involved. But if you’d really like to refuse, I do have an alternative. It’s just that I understand the people of this town don’t take well to occupying soldiers.”

Hells. Is he seriously threatening that?

“It’d take weeks for any soldiers to get here,” you note.

“Unless they were already on their way. Just in case something happened,” Drake replies calmly.

Which means they might be a problem even if you go along with his suggestion. Still, he did tell you where to find Redlake, so that’s a lead you can follow up on now. You’re just not sure how good an idea it is to have the two of them meet.

You think your best option is to agree for the moment, but you’ll have a talk with Redlake yourself first.

And to make the most of it, you think it’s best to ask a favor of Drake in return. You don’t have a strong position, though, so it’ll need to be something mild enough he might actually agree.

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