Swamped Chapter 146 Page 6

“Can’t be easy being discreet when you’re a grebling and there’s humans all around,” you call out. Harbottle seems startled at your voice. “Maybe you had to agree to things you weren’t sure about. Or maybe you had different humans telling you to do different things, and you had trouble knowing what to go with.”

The way they’re shaking makes you think you’re on to something. But where can you take this?

One idea strikes you. Reth.

“So here’s my question. What would Reth have you do?”

That seems to touch an entirely new nerve.

“Who are you?” they ask, trying their best to sound defiant even as you can see them starting to tear up.

“I had that question too, Harbottle,” Drake says. “But it seems less pressing now. What have you been hiding from me about Jack Flame?”

They look like they might run, and Drake would definitely make a move to stop them – you can’t help but notice he’s positioning his crutch carefully.

“I have been guided here by forces beyond my understanding,” you reply. Which is true. “And I ask you again, Harbottle – what would Reth have you do?”

Harbottle is shaking wildly. They take a deep breath, and then raise their hands in prayer.

Drake says nothing. He just watches. Probably the scariest thing he could do, honestly.

“I’m sorry,” Harbottle says after a while. “I gave in. Jack made me an offer, and I thought the Lady’s plan was doomed. So I took him up on it. I knew it would lead nowhere good, but I didn’t see what other choice I had.”

“What is Jack Flame doing?” Drake asks, simply.

“He’s…. he’s trying to kill Nual,” Harbottle says weakly. “I don’t know why. I only figured that much out from what he had me doing.”

Drake doesn’t even bother saying another word. He just gives a particular look, and Harbottle starts clarifying.

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  1. It involved tracking down supply chains to identify weak points in which aquacultural products could be discreetly tainted with toxins. Whale sausage, for example. And the stuff they sprinkle in the glass orbs.

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