Swamped Chapter 146 Page 4

You don’t know an actual signal. But you do know some information he wants, and that gives you a little bit of leverage.

“It’s not safe for me to show myself,” you say. “I can tell you this much, though – I know what happened to your Lady.”

Drake doesn’t seem thrown off at all. You wonder what a conversation between him and Razor would be like. You’re not sure, but you don’t think you’d want to be involved in it.

Well, there’s one positive side to this. You know a thing or two about talking to Razor, and Drake is clearly cut from the same cloth. Enough that it gives you some idea how to approach him.

Very, very carefully, for one thing.

“And are you threatening to do the same to me?” he says. He’s almost unnaturally calm.

“No. I need your help, and it’s what I have to bargain with.” This is no time for conversational games. If you try to hide your motives, Drake will catch that. Or at least Razor would.

“I don’t do favors for people who won’t show me their faces,” he replies wryly.

“Then let me give you a warning for now. Your enemies are my enemies. And they mean to use tonight’s chaos as cover to sabotage the festival. I expect the Lady wouldn’t be very happy if that were to happen.”

There’s a pause.

“Which enemies, exactly? A man like myself has them to spare.”

You’re not entirely sure on that, but you do have one name to give him.

“Jack Flame, for one.”

That actually gets a look of surprise. A brief one, to be sure, but it definitely caught him off guard.

Though he quickly returns the favor by giving you a question you didn’t expect.

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