Swamped Chapter 146 Page 3

Well, whatever plan you come up with, the first step is going to be getting Drake’s attention. So you run to the window you spotted before, and knock at it.

Then you hide. Mostly because of the awkwardness of explaining your uniform.

Drake comes running out. He’s younger than you remember him, of course, but there’s a lot that’s recognizable in his bearing and his face. And especially his muscles.

But he’s also walking with a crutch. You recall hearing he was prone to getting into fights, even as he got older. He usually had some minor injury or another, and he seemed to take joy in making them as visible as possible. It was almost like another way of showing off.

“Who’s there?” he asks, in the most commanding tone you’ve ever heard. Which is saying a lot when you know Razor.

He just stands there, but you can see his eyes moving around rapidly. He’s taking in the scene, trying to work out where you could be hiding. Whatever sort of crook Drake is, he’s not someone to underestimate.

So now would be a real good time to come up with the next part of your plan.

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  1. Tell him you’re an ally of the Lady, that a third party is trying to take advantage of the chaos of the guild coup to sabotage the festival, and that while the guild problems may not be resolved in our favor tonight, the integrity of the festival must take priority. Offer to act as a messenger if needed so that he doesn’t have to rearrange forces in a move that might jeopardize festival security.

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