Swamped Chapter 146 Page 1

This house wasn’t here a year ago. That means big parts of it are probably pretty empty. And where there’s an empty house, there’s echoes.

You walk around, putting your ear to the walls until you catch something.

“…haven’t heard from her either.”

You think you know what that’s about. The voice sounds like what you remember of Drake’s.

“This is bad. If she hasn’t contacted you, it can’t just be that things are going poorly. You’re the first person she’d call for backup. If we’re lucky, someone’s just targeting her couriers. But it could be a lot worse than that.”

You don’t recognize that voice, but that’s less surprising. It’s either someone local, or someone who isn’t seeking the limelight.

“Well, she’s more than likely not dead,” Drake replies. “It’d be too hard to keep that quiet. What matters to us right now is that the plan didn’t go through. Not why, or even who’s responsible.”

“I guess you’re right,” the other voice says, sounding resigned. “But what are we supposed to do now? We can work with Leonard if he somehow holds on, but there’s no chance of that. And everyone else vying for the Guild hates your guts.”

There’s a long pause.

“Leonard may be finished, but we don’t need him to win. We just need him to stay in the game until there are more players. One of them’s bound to be suitable for our purposes.”

They’re being real vague, but this is sounding like something you can work with. You aren’t exactly on Leonard Flame’s side, but you are more or less fighting his enemies. A temporary alliance between him and Drake would probably make that easier on you.

Of course, it’d be weird if some guy in Marshguard armor showed up at Drake’s house with an invitation. So you decide to listen a little further in case you get ideas for how to help things along.

And then Drake’s guest says something you weren’t prepared to hear at all.

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