Swamped Chapter 145 Page 23

“They need a lot of wine for the festival. Specialized stuff that takes a lot of work to prepare,” Vernon explains. “It’s not feasible to do it at the same time as regular brewing, so they’ll have spent much of the day putting together the equipment and then they’ll spend the whole night brewing.”

“So he’s at work, then. Where’s his brewery?”

Vernon is about to answer, then a look of disappointment crosses his face.

“Oh. He was talking about moving it a month or so before I left. I never heard about the new location. I could tell you the name, but he might have changed that too.”

“Tell me where it was while you’re at it,” you grumble. “Maybe someone around there will know where it is now. And I’ll need to know a way to get him to pay attention to me.”

Vernon whistles a tune softly.

“He’ll recognize that,” he replies. “And the old name was, ah, the Cracked Whistle. Don’t know why. As for where… let’s see, four blocks down that way, then turn left seven blocks, it’ll be at the far corner of the next block. On your right.”

Satisfied with the info, you let Vernon run off. Chances are, with the Lady out of commission, he doesn’t have any place to go except back to the ship, and Long should be able to keep an eye on him there.

Without a lot else to go on, you head to the old location of Redlake’s brewery. What you see instead looks like a house. Newly-built, and on the fancy side. There’s even a banner hanging over the door – you think that’s a coat of arms on it.

You head in a bit closer. You wonder if it would be better to ask the owner or the neighbors. But then you catch a better glimpse of the coat of arms, and you feel like the world’s playing you for a fool.

That’s theĀ DrakeĀ coat of arms. You’ve found Emil Drake’s house.

Then again, maybe that’s not a coincidence if they’re both connected to this Lady. If her plans with Drake worked out, she might have arranged things to give him Redlake’s old property.

Question is, what are you going to do about it? Even if Drake happens to be awake, you don’t know if he’d recognize the song, and…

Wait. A light just went on inside. And now you see a shadow.

Two shadows. Looks like Drake may already have a meeting.

You can’t help but think it might be worthwhile to listen in.

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