Swamped Chapter 145 Page 20

“A young fellow called Emil Drake. From Lansor originally. No formal Guild ties, but the Lady thought she could work with him. Of course, I don’t know how that played out.”

The name hits you real hard all of a sudden. Because you know the name Emil Drake real well.

You can’t exactly forget it. The justice minister. He was parading himself all around town during one of the roughest times of your life, after all. Taking credit for the raid on the merchant who’d been housing you.

You’ve still never quite worked out your feelings on the whole mess. Can’t say you liked things there, but it was your home, and seeing soldiers tear through it wasn’t exactly easy.

You have no pity for the merchant, of course. But you know well it wasn’t just about his crimes. It was a power struggle, one where your new caretaker saw the benefit, and no doubt Emil Drake saw some of it as well. And couriers just like you had been caught up in it.

All of that hasn’t happened yet. You have no idea what Emil Drake was like in his youth. Or if he even has anything to do with this whole mess.

But there’s one other thing you know about him. Something he loved to work into all his speeches. And you can’t help but think of it, given all that’s happened tonight.

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