Swamped Chapter 145 Page 19

“Just before I left, the Chief Conservator of the city announced she was stepping down as soon as the council picked a replacement. The office gave the temple special permission to have the lanterns, and they’d have authority to inspect them at pretty much any time. I never found out who got the job, though.”

It’s not much of a lead, and it’s not exactly easy to look into at this hour. But it gets you thinking.

“It seems to me that an inspection would be easy to figure out as the source after the fact if anything odd happened,” you muse. “And I’ve run into cauldrons of the stuff this very night. If they’re mixing it up to sneak it in during an inspection, why do it in such risky places?”

“Well, I told you anything I might remember might not mean anything!” he protests. His tone reminds you so much of Shorty that for a moment you feel like you’re back in the swamp again. “But there’s a bigger point I was getting to. I do¬†know who the Lady was working hard to get in the position.”

You’re not sure how relevant that is, but he sure seems to think it’s important. So you may as well humor him.

“And just who would that be?”

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