Swamped Chapter 145 Page 18

Well. It does seem that Brother Vernon has some enemies in common with you, and while that might not be enough for his full cooperation, he might at least be willing to tell you what he knows about who they are.

“I might just know something about what they’re planning,” you say, pulling him away from the wall almost gently. “The temple has a bunch of glass orbs, right?”

“You mean the water lanterns,” Vernon says. “The main temple has dozens of them, filled with glowfish. With a few special ones for the sponge jellies.”

“I think that’s what the terrors are for. Use the toxin to contaminate the water in the lanterns. Don’t know what that’ll do, but I think that’s their aim.”

Vernon is strangely silent for a while.

“Nual feels… satisfied,” he says, sounding confused. “I don’t understand that plan, but he seems to think you’re right about it.”

Well, that’s some form of confirmation, you suppose. Not that it helps to clarify anything.

“Didn’t bring that up for congratulations. I want to know anything else you’ve got about whoever’s involved in this. Names, locations, anything.”

“The Lady was taking care of that herself, and I wasn’t in the loop on the details,” Vernon protests. “I might have heard a thing or two, but that would have been a year ago. My memory’s not that good, and even if I can recall something, there’s no guarantee it means anything after a year…”

He pauses.

“Wait, hold on. One thing just struck me.”

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  1. When I was last here, there was a vacancy for the position of Chief Conservator of the city. The Lady hoped someone reliable would take the post. They’d have access direct to the globes.

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