Swamped Chapter 145 Page 17

“They failed him by letting the sea terrors grow,” Vernon says. “Those creatures are anathema to Nual, and someone in the Guild has been cultivating them somewhere in his waters. Leonard Flame did nothing to stop the practice, and the church foolishly stood by and even blessed some of the ships that went out to harvest them!”

Hmm. Well, you feel like a few pieces are starting to fit together. Jack Flame must have been involved in the harvesting. You don’t know if his brother deliberately went easy on him or just had some blind spots, but either way it would be easy for him to get away with it.

What you’re not clear on yet is why. Or how this “Lady” found out about it. Might as well see what he knows.

“What are they cultivating them for?”

“They can be used to create potent toxins, but the Lady suspected that there was more to it than that. That they meant some form of harm to Nual himself.”

“And where’d she get that idea? How’d she find out about this in the first place?”

Brother Vernon is suddenly silent, even after a few strong prods. Your best guess is that revealing details of a plan that’s no longer operative is nothing big to him, but the Lady’s sources may still be a sensitive matter.

And you’re not even sure how much it would help you to know them, beyond that they might be able to give you more info. You’ve got tricks you can try to pry them out, but maybe it would be more useful to turn his attention to something else, something that he might be more cooperative on.

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  1. Mention the glass orbs with the glowing sea creatures, and your suspicion that someone is planning to sabotage them. Maybe the sea terror toxin is involved.

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