Swamped Chapter 145 Page 16

Well, one particular point he noted wasn’t even on your radar, so maybe that’s worth asking about.

“Taking over the Guild is one thing,” you note, pressing a little harder against the wall. “But how exactly do you take over a church?”

“With people like me,” Vernon groans. “She found me when I realized I had a link to Nual, and she guided me. There aren’t many of us yet, but we’re trying to build support for her ways. With the Guild under her full control, of course, she’d be able to wield its influence to get us better positions.”

“And I’m sure you’d just be naturally gaining power within the church, and not, say, starting an internal rebellion,” you say, scowling.

“We would do what is necessary. But that plan is a long way from success, and not really going anywhere without the Lady anyhow.”

He’s telling you this awfully freely – but then, he apparently doesn’t think his Lady’s plan is still operative. And he doesn’t seem the sort who’s clever enough to think up a takeover scheme on his own.

At that, you don’t think it makes much sense to get into the Lady’s goals, if they’re not on track right now. You’ve got other concerns. But Vernon did say something else that you might be able to work with.

“So who are these people who failed Nual, then?”

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