Swamped Chapter 145 Page 15

“What are you doing here?” you counter. “Seems like an odd place to wander off to when the ship’s crew is busy.”

You give him a look that suggests you’re not going to buy any explanations about getting a meal for the other priests.

“I had to check what was going on,” he says frantically. “All I knew was that the Lady was going to launch her coup the night before the festival. Flame’s people were everywhere, so I figured it must not have worked as planned. So I came here to find out what I could, and the Lady’s stuck, and…”

And then he stops talking. He clearly thinks he’s said too much. Fortunately, he’s also pretty scrawny, so you can lift him up and push him against a nearby building without a lot of trouble.

“Let’s start with a simple question,” you tell him. “Who’s this Lady?”

“She’s a devout servant of Nual,” he says weakly. “The Guild and the church are filled with people who have failed him, and that’s why she’s looking to take control of both. But now she’s just in there, floating in midair, not moving at all!”

You’re not sure that fully answers your question. And, now that you think of it, given his situation, Brother Vernon won’t know a lot in the way of details. Being out on a ship for a year means he’s probably out of the loop on any specific plans.

But he might just be able to help you understand the big picture a bit better, if you ask him about the right things.

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