Swamped Chapter 145 Page 12

“A golden fish has silver scales.”

It’s weirdly close to a proverb you know well, but there’s no particular negative to scales, so you haven’t got a clue what it means. Is it a different sort of passcode, or what?

All you can tell is that Brother Vernon didn’t say it. You look a little closer.

“I don’t know what you’re suggesting,” Vernon says angrily. “It was a moment of carelessness, nothing more.”

“Really,” says the other priest. “And why were you making such a big fuss about rats in the cargo hold now? Nual’s not Pasha, he’s not going to be upset if a few rats get near his sacred artifacts.”

“I hadn’t checked in a while, and I was growing worried,” Vernon says, sounding totally unconvincing. “So, really, it was an attempt to make up for my past negligence, which I didn’t think through very well.”

“Which I suppose is also your explanation for why we lost a whole box of cargo somehow.” The other priest’s tone is extremely accusatory. “That’s a lot of stuff to just have go missing.”

“It’s a big hold, probably just got moved somewhere along the line. I have no doubt it will turn up by the time they do the customs check.”

Well, this is interesting. You wonder if you should jump in, or just let them keep going.

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  1. Wait patiently. If you interject now you could end up looking like Vernon’s accomplices in a cargo theft! Unless, that is, Long can’t help asking about the contents of said cargo…

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