Swamped Chapter 145 Page 10

“I’ve received divine guidance from Qlat,” you reply. “Unless you think swarms of bugs forming letters that spell a coherent message is simply coincidence?”

“And this message has to do with us?” the captain asks skeptically.

“No, it wasn’t that specific. The only thing I know for sure is that there’s a plan to sabotage the festival. But I don’t know a lot of the details.”

“However, your ship has a close connection with the festival,” Long interjects. “So it’s definitely a plausible target for someone looking to mess things up, wouldn’t you agree?”

She doesn’t say anything for a while. From the look on her face, she seems worried about letting something slip.

“It is an important day to us, and we’ve taken extra care to arrive on time because of that,” she says, very cautiously. “So yes, you present a plausible scenario. Rest assured I will take your warnings seriously. But I ask that you leave this matter to the church – it is an internal matter, and not the business of outsiders. Even outsiders guided by other gods.”

Really vague, as if she’s trying to avoid saying anything of substance. Because there’s something that’s real important and also real hard to avoid talking about.

You feel like you’re right on the edge of a big secret. And your gut instinct is that whatever the secret is, it’s at the root of all the trouble going on tonight.

Normally, you’d be all for leaving the captain to her secret, but if it’s that big of a deal… well, maybe you should know something more about it. But she’s so desperate to avoid it that if she realizes you’ve read between the lines, she’ll clam up entirely.

So if you’re going to learn anything more, you’ll need to be real careful in how you go about it.

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