Swamped Chapter 145 Page 8

Maybe you can lead the beast somewhere with the light. The ocean seems safe enough – muckbeasts are good at swimming.

You look around, and see a route that doesn’t have any people in the way. That’s the safest approach, you think. You shift the lantern cover so the light is directed towards the waves.

The beast follows it. Good. It jumps into the water and starts swimming around. Shouldn’t be a danger to anyone there. Well, unless they’re going diving.

Wait, weren’t you supposed to go diving? Gods, there’s so damn much happening tonight. For now, though, you follow Long and the sister. The sister stops just before the ramp leading to the ship, and looks up towards a pair of deckhands who are pulling down the sail.

“What are you doing?” the sister yells at them. “We’re not changing the sail until the rebirth ceremony is done!”

“Sorry, Captain!” one of them calls back. “Sister Elizabeth said it was too dirty. We thought we’d take it down and scrub it before things formally started.”

“Was that a direct order?” the sister asks. “Because Sister Elizabeth isn’t Captain here. I am. And I’m directly ordering you to put that sail back in place immediately! I’ll see for myself if it needs a scrubbing, and if it does, you’ll scrub it while it flies!”

“Yes, Captain!” the deckhands call out at once. They scramble to tie the sail again. The captain turns to Long.

“Now. What exactly areĀ you doing here?” she asks. “I’m grateful that you pointed the issue out to me, but I don’t see why we have any further business.”

Long just grins.

“Ah, well, I think this will be easier if my friend explains it,” he says, patting you on the shoulder.

This is why he dragged you along, isn’t it. Well, you suppose you’d best give some sort of answer, or you won’t get anywhere at all.

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  1. Frankly, your crew is compromised by subversives. Either they’re involved in organized criminal maneuvering here in town, or in a cultist attempt to sabotage the festival; possibly both, probably (hopefully) unknowingly.

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