Swamped Chapter 145 Page 6

“Maybe we can catch you during the festival later and talk then,” you suggest.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ll be awfully busy,” Vernon says. “We’ve got a lot to do during the festival, after all.”

“Yeah? Could be fun to tag along while you work, then. Surely not everything you’ll be doing is only for priests,” you reply. “Tell you what, when you’ve got a free moment, head over to the hospital and ask for Crow. That’s me. I’ll come right out, maybe I can even help you with your work.”

He looks a bit worried, but slowly nods.

“Yes, ah… perhaps in an hour or so I can do that, if things have calmed down over here. Do excuse me.”

He runs off. The sister, however, seems a bit annoyed.

“I can see what you’re playing at, Mr. ‘Crow’. We always get a few of your type around this year. Well, I can tell you this much – Brother Vernon’s not the type to go for a whirlwind romance. So if you’re expecting this outing of yours to lead anywhere, prepare yourself for disappointment.”

Well, if you had to arouse suspicions, they might as well be incorrect ones. You opt to go with it.

“We’ll see what happens,” you say, sounding as optimistic as you can. She looks at you disapprovingly and starts to walk off.

“One moment, if you would, sister,” Long interjects. “There’s something that you might be able to clear up for me.”

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