Swamped Chapter 145 Page 5

“I get where you’re coming from. I don’t like being asked questions either,” you reply. “But you just have to tough it out until the questioning’s over. As the saying goes, everything has an end. Except a sausage, which has two.”

Now he’s looking befuddled.

“Not sure I’ve heard that saying before,” he says. He’s asking for clarity, in other words. You aren’t quite sure how to answer him, but Long is quick to pop in.

“That’d be because it’s Theletian,” he replies. “They loved sausages there, after all.”

That seems to have Brother Vernon convinced, although it gives you more questions.

“Ah, Theletia,” he says knowingly. “Surprised your friend knows their proverbs, or a rough translation anyways. Not exactly a lot of Theletians around these days.”

“There’s a small village that survived the war because they were so isolated,” you reply. “I knew someone from there, and I suppose his way of talking rubbed off on me a little.”

That’s pretty much how you knew the saying – it was one of Ash’s back when you were in the Guild together. You don’t know if it’s actually Theletian, of course – but either it is and Long recognized it, or it’s not and he thought it would be a useful thing to say. Either way, you wonder why. Not that now’s a good time to talk to him about it, of course.

“Enough small talk, Brother Vernon,” the sister says. “I told you to apologize to the lookout, didn’t I? And then you’ll have to check the cargo.”

“Of course, of course,” Vernon replies. “I do apologize. It’s just that I’ve been curious about Theletia. I don’t suppose either of you know much about it? Maybe we could discuss it when things have calmed down a bit for me.”

The sister is giving him a harsh look. Even she’s probably getting suspicious of him now.

But you also might learn a lot if you can get him to agree to a meeting later. You just need to somehow negotiate that in front of his boss.

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  1. Perhaps you’d be willing to join us for the festival celebrations. I’ve never celebrated it with a priest before. If you come by the hospital in the morning and ask for Crow, you’ll reach me. In fact, I’ll probably be heading back there in a couple hours.

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