Swamped Chapter 145 Page 4

“You’re supervising the cargo? Has it been checked yet, then?”

“I can tell you that much,” says the senior priest. “Normally, someone at the harbor would contact the town guard so they could send a customs inspector. But, with no one here to greet us, nobody’s done that yet, which means the cargo’s just sitting in the hold right now.”

Which means more time to get an illegal sausage in place, of course. Assuming you have it on you.

“Then why is the supervisor out here instead of making sure nobody messes with it?” Long interjects.

“Because I had to help with getting a ramp down so we could leave. Tough to do when there’s nobody at the dock,” he replies. “Then I was making sure it was secure so everyone else could get down. And then I saw you lot poking around, and then somebody started asking me questions.”

He seems to be settling in on a defensive pose now. Probably thinks you’re more likely to be making trouble for him than trying to pass on instructions.

You think what would work best here is dropping a strong hint that you’ve got the sausage, one that the senior priest isn’t likely to pick up on. That should at least throw him off.

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