Swamped Chapter 145 Page 1

“What?” the priest asks, looking taken aback. Which seems weird considering what an unimportant question it was.

“You hard of hearing?” Long asks. “I thought I was clear enough. Where’s a good place to get a bite to eat at this hour? My friend and I don’t know this town too well, after all. Like I said, we just got here tonight.”

“Why are you asking me? I’ve been on a ship for a year.”

“Well, any place you can remember after a whole year must be real good!” Long chuckles. “So, where do you recommend?”

The priest’s initial reaction looked a lot stronger than just being surprised about being asked. And with the way Long’s roping you in, you suspect there’s another level to this line of questioning. The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a codephrase – the priest is expecting someone to say something much like what Long did, but for one reason or another, isn’t sure he’s the actual contact.

But that doesn’t make much sense either if the priest’s been on the Golem for a year. It would be real hard to give him any new instructions, or warn him if the plan’s gone wrong.

Hold on, though. An agent could contact him with new orders after he returns. Maybe he thinks that might be what’s happening, but he isn’t sure yet. That fits with the reaction you saw.

Well, it’s just a guess. Still, seems worth thinking up a way to check, since Long’s gone and dragged you into this.

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