Swamped Chapter 144 Page 17

You quickly look over the scene, in case there’s something that can help you. That’s when you notice that the wizard is standing a little carelessly, with the overcoat just under their foot.

You have no time to consider whether there might be a better idea than this, so you rush out, grab the coat, and pull hard. The wizard falls down…

And promptly starts floating. This seems to be a specialty of theirs. At least it’s enough of a distraction for you to grab them, but they’re putting up quite a fight. They seem to be about as strong as you are.

Fortunately, they aren’t nearly as strong as you and Arlene put together. Just as you feel your grip wavering, you catch a flash of a sword hilt striking them on the head.

You pull back the hood, and you don’t recognize the face at all. You glance at Arlene, and she just shrugs.

“Well, I suppose we’ve got a bunch of priests who might know something about our wizard, so let’s go see them first,” you say, picking them up. “But we should also track down Mina somewhere along the line.”

You’re now Corvus, and Long is questioning a bunch of priests. You have plenty of questions of your own, but for the moment, a lot of Long’s are lining up with them, so you’ve been happy to let him do the talking. It lets you keep an eye on the muckbeast, which is still staring blankly into your lantern.

Unfortunately, the priests don’t seem to be very eager to give a lot of answers. Lots of evasiveness. You suppose that’s no surprise – priests get a lot of questions about the gods they don’t actually have answers to, so it stands to reason they’d get to be pretty good at responding without actually answering.

Long certainly seems to be trying hard to get around that, of course. And from the question he just asked, you think he’s trying to pull something now. Something that he wants your help with.

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  1. The weird part is that he asked about good places to eat in town, and mentioned that you’re from out of town too.

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