Swamped Chapter 144 Page 10

You’re now Bert.

You don’t know how you keep letting yourself get talked into these kinds of situations. Up to now you’d just assumed it was Mina knowing how to push your buttons, but you’ve just met this Arlene woman tonight and she’s got you doing things that would give Mina pause.

Specifically, she told you to concoct a cover story to draw away the two gang members watching this room. That wasn’t too mad by itself – you’re an actor, after all. But the next step has gone way too far, and it’s only now, staring it in the face, that it’s really struck you how bad it is.

And yet, it will be even worse at this point if you back out. She’ll go ahead with her mad plan anyways, and if it fails miserably, well, you’re not going to let it be because you abandoned her.

This is probably exactly how Mina gets you to go along with things, isn’t it.

Regardless, you’re here in the room where they keep the really old costumes. And you’ve picked out the specific one Arlene asked for. It’s only a little dusty, too, so you clean it off to keep your mind off what’s about to happen.

At least you talked her out of expecting you to wear the thing – there’s enough other costumes to stuff it with to make it look passable in the dark. But why in the hells did she want this one, of all things?

1 thought on “Swamped Chapter 144 Page 10”

  1. Maybe she thought there’d be some shock factor that would slow down investigators. After all, it’s not every day you see an anthropomorphic Dragonbear.

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